Maricopa Flood Control District is an Arizona entity whose purpose is to manage drainage issues within District boundaries. MFCD works with, among others, Pinal County Flood Control District and the City of Maricopa to ensure, as much as possible, the safe transport of floodwaters through the area so as to limit hazards to residents and minimize property damage.

The District has two primary flood channels, the Santa Cruz and the Santa Rosa, for which it has maintenance oversight. Its main role is to make sure the channels are free of debris and growth which might hinder or restrain the flow of floodwater in case of a major event. It also makes sure no one is dumping or moving material within the channels, which could also impact the channels’ ability to convey floodwater adequately.

Since the flood channels consist of easements deeded to Maricopa Flood Control District, no one is allowed access to the channels without prior written consent of the District. No work is allowed within the channels without a permit issued by the District.

The District is run by a voluntary three-person Board of Directors, all land-owners within District boundaries. The Board of Directors is elected by land-owners within the District and they serve four-year terms.

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