Maintenance Notices

Periodically, crews and machinery will be clearing vegetation from the channel bottoms and repairing eroded banks. They are contracted by MFCD through proper procurement procedures.

Small teams may be seen working in and around the levee on the Santa Rosa Wash just south of the Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway and Union-Pacific Railroad. They are conducting routine inspections.

The District Manager regularly drives the washes to check for signs of damage or illegal activity, such as trespassing, dumping, material removal, etc. 

City of Maricopa Police Officers have full access to the channels and may enforce laws prohibiting access.  

The Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz Washes exist for the purpose of moving floodwaters through the District as safely as possible. From time to time, workers will be present in the washes to clean out vegetation and debris which otherwise would hinder or obstruct the flow of floodwaters, creating a hazard.

While we appreciate that some residents prefer the “natural” appeal of plants growing in the washes, our top priority is to ensure they will function as designed, if and when the need arises.