April 14, 2021

Residents along Santa Rosa receive letter from MFCD

Beginning April 10th, MFCD mailed more than 100 letters to property owners and residents along the Santa Rosa, in the Senita Community. The purpose of the letter (see attached) was to raise awareness about certain activities that are prohibited, such as backwashing pools into the channel. The force of water pumped onto the channel banks causes erosion which worsens to the point it has to be repaired. MFCD has spent more than $30,000 over the last three years rebuilding areas of the banks damaged by this activity.

Anyone owning property or living on the banks of the Santa Rosa or Santa Cruz Washes should read the letter and be aware of their responsibilities for preserving the channels.

See letter here: Senita


InMaricopa Documents City’s Current Floodplain Mitigation Plans

July, 2020

Raquel Hendrickson interviews city manager Rick Horst and MFCD Board Members for perspective.

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Pinal County Flood Control District’s 2019 Newsletter

Achieves “A” Class rating in National Flood Insurance Program, which may allow some Pinal County residents a discount on their flood insurance premiums.

See the newsletter:PinalCountyFloodControl2019AnnualNewsletter(1)

Maricopa Flood Control District Chooses Contractor for Mowing and Cleaning Channels.


KLP Enterprises submitted the low bid for cleaning nine miles of the Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz Channels.

KLP will perform mowing of the designated areas, approximately 9 miles total at least twice per year. The time of commencement of each project will be determined no less than 60 days prior to the start. Generally, one project will commence in August/September, depending on weather and ground conditions, followed by one project commencing in March/April, depending on weather and ground conditions.

By adopting this new schedule, the District intends to keep the channels in top condition to perform their job, which is to convey storm waters through the district safely.

Repairs and Maintenance in Santa Rosa Channel Complete

May 23, 2019

Rains over the last 18 months created a number of areas of serious erosion on the banks of the Santa Rosa Channel.

The board of directors of MFCD approved almost $100,000 in repairs, addressing six areas of severe erosion. All are located on the west bank between Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway and Smith Enke Road.

There are a number of causes for erosion on the channel banks. Rainwater frequently finds small holes created by burrowing animals. Water softens the dirt and creates a path down the slope. The problem worsens with each storm.

Foot traffic, bikes and motorized vehicles also loosen material on the banks and make a path for storm runoff. Pedestrian, bike and vehicle traffic is prohibited in the washes. There are signs posted up and down the wash stating is in unlawful to enter the channel without a permit from MFCD.

In some cases, severe erosion is caused when property owners backwash their pools into the wash. Releasing pool water into the wash is illegal, both from the District’s standpoint and also from Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. It is illegal to release water into the wash without a permit.

District Manager David Alley says the repairs were completed on schedule and on budget.

Now, groundskeeper crews will enter the channel to mow down the vegetation growing there. “Much of the shrubs growing there are Broomsage and some Salt Cedar,” Alley said. “These are very difficult to control because they are well adapted to the desert environment and they propagate quickly.”

Governor Ducey signs SB1379, restoring voting rights in flood protection district elections.

May, 2018

For years, officials of flood protection districts have recognized “glitches” in laws regulating their elections, which frequently made voting confusing and, lately, impossible. In MFCD’s last election, for example, property owners whose holdings were under corporations or held in trusts had to be turned away. That is because the law that enfranchised those voters back in 2005 had an automatic repeal built in, so it only lasted ten years.

Under the direction of President Dan Frank and the MFCD board, District Manager David Alley and General Counsel Karen Nally took the lead in lobbying for new legislation which reinstated those voters, added those who hold property in limited liability companies and clarified who can vote, run and hold offices in the districts.

Senator Frank Pratt sponsored the legislation, which was authored by Nally in cooperation with the legislature’s legislative committee. Along the way, the bill picked up important help from Senator Borrelli and Representatives Mark Finchem and Brenda Barton. It passed through the entire process without a single “nay” vote.

When the governor signed the legislation, it immediately became law, so as not to impede any flood protection district elections scheduled for this year.

So, if you own property in the Maricopa Flood Protection District, are current on your property taxes and are registered to vote in Arizona, you will be able to vote in the district’s next election, which will take place in October, 2019. If your property is held by a corporation, limited liability company or a trust, the interest of the property can be voted by the proper designee of the corporation, trust or limited liability company.



Video credit: Butch Roberts     Copy credit: Michelle Chance

Used by permission of InMaricopa.

It may seem illogical that water runs from Northern Mexico and Tucson to Maricopa, until you realize Maricopa is part of the Valley of the Sun. It normally takes three days for storm water to make the trip to Maricopa on its way to the Gila River.

You should not play in the water. It is dangerous. Plus, it gathered from the floodplain south of Maricopa, where there are farms and feedlots. Think about it.

Rushing water is very powerful. It may have washed away huge sections of pavement that made up the crossing you used earlier. Underneath that level surface of water, there could be a deep pit. If you or your vehicle fall into that void, you will be in trouble very quickly.

As the video says, “Turn around. Don’t drown.” MFCD




When Maricopa designed the Copper Sky Complex, it completed improvements to mitigate potential flooding from the Vekol Wash, south of the area. As a result, much property which was deemed to be in flood hazard areas are now considered by FEMA to be in the lower risk “X” zone. It is always advisable to have flood insurance for your property if it is considered to be in or near a flood zone. Consult a qualified insurance agent for advice about purchasing flood insurance.

Copper Sky FIRM_July 201705262017


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When we hold elections, which is every two years, we will give you plenty of advance notice and we will explain how voting in a special district election is different than in a city, county or general election.

We won’t share your email with anyone and you can always end your subscription when you choose. You will notice on the sign up form, we ask if you voted in the last Directors’ Election. That is simply to indicate your level of awareness concerning MFCD, it will not be used for any other reason.

The newsletter is only be available by email.



In June, 2014 FEMA released updated floodplain maps, which are used to determine flood insurance rates for property owners. Generally, anyone seeking financing for property within a special flood hazard area will be required to purchase flood insurance. For any questions regarding flood insurance coverage, check with a qualified insurance agent. The maps available here show flood hazard areas that have been identified by FEMA. Pinal County has maps with more detail on its website. Click on the link to the right of this page to access Pinal County Flood Control.

Maricopa FEMA Map


All public notices are posted 24 hours in advance of public meeting start times. (Sundays and holidays, by law, are not considered in the required 24-hour period.) All public notices include meeting start time, listing of agenda items and the location of the meeting, in addition to other information.

All public notices are posted at the following locations:

(1) Headquarters Restaurant, 19640 North Maricopa Road, Maricopa, AZ 85139

(2) Maricopa Post Office, 44920 West Hathaway Avenue, Maricopa, AZ 85139


Maricopa Flood Control District is an Arizona flood protection district whose purpose is to manage drainage issues within District boundaries. MFCD works with, among others, Pinal County Flood Control District and the City of Maricopa to ensure, as much as possible, the safe transport of floodwaters through the area so as to limit hazards to residents and minimize property damage.

The District has two primary flood channels, the Santa Cruz and the Santa Rosa, for which it has maintenance oversight. Its main role is to make sure the channels are free of debris and growth which might hinder or restrain the flow of floodwater in case of a major event. It also makes sure no one is dumping or moving material within the channels, which could also impact the channels’ ability to convey floodwater adequately.

Since the flood channels consist of easements deeded to Maricopa Flood Control District, no one is allowed access to the channels without prior written consent of the District. No work is allowed within the channels without a permit issued by the District.

The District is run by a voluntary three-person Board of Directors, all land-owners within District boundaries. The Board of Directors is elected by land-owners within the District and they serve four-year terms.