District Requesting Proposals for Bank Repair Project on Santa Rosa Channel.

July 29, 2020–Maricopa Flood Control District issued an RFP for the purpose of selecting a contractor to repair up to 12 areas of erosion on the Santa Rosa Channel in the city of Maricopa.


August 18            Mandatory Pre-proposal meeting

September 9       Proposals Due

October 8      Expected notification of Project Award

October 19              Project to commence


Contractor shall work within the MFCD easements. Contractor is responsible for contacting Arizona 811 and avoiding any utilities in the work areas.

The areas within the project are all located in the Santa Rosa Channel, north of Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway and south of Smith-Enke Road.

The objective is to repair bank damage resulting from erosion in up to12 areas. The extent of the erosion varies from site to site, from severe (8 feet wide and 6 feet deep running the vertical length of the bank) to moderate (2-3 feet wide by less than 1 foot deep).

Contractor will excavate to a solid base and rebuild in one-foot lifts. The lifts will be compaction tested every 2 feet by a certified engineer provided by MFCD.

If there is bank protection matting in the area, it will be cut and laid aside for the rebuild. New matting will be placed over the repair and the old matting material will be laid over it.. New Geotextile material, where needed, will be installed per the attached plans, “Geotextile Repair/Replace; Detail C” and according to the manufacturer’s recommendation and to the satisfaction of MFCD. Suggested material is 295 SERIES ARCHTECT’S CHOICE LANDSCAPE FABRIC.

MFCD will arrange for water for this project along with access to said water. Some areas may require transport of water from the source for which Contractor is responsible.

Contractor will transport material suitable for the fill from a District’s stockpile south of the Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway.

For complete copy:RFP_SRW2021.01 

Addendum #1:ADDENDUM TO SRW2021_01 AUG 19_1

Engineer Plans: ErosionRepairPlans_JEFuller