Maricopa Flood Control District Releases Request for Proposals for Maintenance Services

Maricopa Flood Control District (“District” or “MFCD”) of Pinal County, AZ desires to contract for maintenance of sections of the Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz Channels. This contract is for mowing and trash removal services.

Contractor will perform mowing of the designated areas, approximately 9 miles total at least twice per year. The time of commencement of each project will be determined no less than 60 days prior to the start. Generally, one project will commence in August/September, depending on weather and ground conditions, followed by one project commencing in March/April, depending on weather and ground conditions.

This agreement will be for one year with the option to extend for two years, for a total of three years.

The Contractor shall provide all labor, equipment, tools, supplies, and management required to perform these services.

A mandatory pre-proposal information meeting will be held at one portion of the job site on July 25th, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. We will meet on the northwest corner of Farrell Road and Porter Road.

Get your copy of the RFP here: RFP_MAIN2020.01



Questions and Answers concerning Request for Statement of Qualifications for Professional Geotechnical Engineering Services

(1) Is there any further information regarding the proposal requirements such as font size, margins, page counts…etc.? We do not specify, to this level, the look of the documents submitted. Since the directors will be reviewing all we receive, our advice is to be as brief as possible without diminishing the value of your presentation.

(2) Does Maricopa Flood Control District expect more work to be testing and inspection vs. geotechnical investigations for dams & levees? Yes, in the immediate fiscal year, beginning July 1, we anticipate most of the work we will request to be testing and inspections. The District has one levee within its easements. For a number of reasons, it is unlikely we will need work on it in the near future.


Maricopa Flood Control District (“MFCD” or “District”) of Pinal County, AZ desires to contract for Professional Geotechnical Engineering Services on an “On-Call” basis.  After a competitive bidding process, up to three (3) firms may be selected to be placed on an “On-Call” list for the District.  The total engineering cost per each “On-Call” contract is up to $50,000.

MFCD maintains 12 miles of channel, the Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz, running through the city of Maricopa. The Santa Cruz was originally constructed in the early 1960’s. The Santa Rosa was re-designed and widened circa 2003. The Santa Rosa has an 1,100 foot levee south of the Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway.

All qualified firms that are interested in providing these services to the District are invited to submit their Statement of Qualifications (“SOQ”). Please use the attached Request for Statement of Qualifications for full information.

The anticipated timeline for the selection process is as follows:

Pre-submittal Questions                                                                    June 11, 2019

SOQs Due                                                                                              July 8

Board Review of SOQ’s                                                                       July 10

Scoring and Selections                                                                        August 7

Notifications                                                                                          August 8

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