During the September 8 Open Meeting of the Maricopa Flood Control District Board, the SOQs submitted in response to this solicitation were opened. All were found to be in order. The board will now score the SOQs according to the evaluation criteria set forth in the Request for Statements of Qualifications (RSOQ).

In the RSOQ, the schedule calls for the list to be announced on September 23. Actually, the board will need until the October 5th meeting. In that meeting, the compiled scoring will be reviewed and the board members will decide on the list.


Maricopa Flood Control District is soliciting Statements of Qualifications for Professional Engineering Services. The District intends to select up to three firms to provide tasks/services such as construction plan design, reviews and comments on plans submitted by others, representation at technical meetings, general engineering requests, etc.

There will be a Pre-Submittal meeting on Wednesday, August 10 at 9:00 a.m., via video conference. This open forum will be your only chance to ask questions.


Q. The RFQ says submittals must be postmarked by Wednesday, September 7. You said they would be opened in the September 8 MFCD meeting.

A. Good catch. They should arrive in our P.O. box by September 8, the day of the meeting. They will be opened in the public meeting and each board member will take a copy to review and score. You should be sure they are mailed in time to arrive in Maricopa by September 8. 

Q. Is there a page limit on the submittal?

A. Use the amount of space you need to represent your firm well. Keep in mind the board members will be scoring each submittal. They are busy people and, if the package is long, they may “speed-read”. 

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Anticipated Timeline:

Pre-Submittal Meeting       August 10

SOQs Due                               Sept. 7

Board Review of SOQs         Sept. 8

Short list interviews              Sept. 22   (if needed)

On-Call list announced         Sept. 23

See RFQ: RFQ_Professional Services_MFCD_July_2022